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New Oriental Academy is located in Machikou Town, Changping District, Beijing City, adjacent to Shahe Higher Education Park. The location is convenient with good transport links and a pleasant environment. The school covers an area of 128 acres, with a total floor area of 45000 square meters.

NOA is continuing to add to its teaching and learning facilities in line with advanced international standards and concepts. Construction projects include a new sports center, swimming pool, gymnasium, tennis court, basketball court, football field, physics lab, chemistry lab, bio-electronics lab, pottery classroom, library, E-reading room, academic lecture hall, and theater.

These facilities guarantee a powerful platform upon which to cultivate student successes, showcase their potential, and demonstrate personality. Meanwhile, abundant educational resources are always available for students to improve their cognitive, learning, practical and innovative abilities. Competitions and activities are introduced to cultivate strong will, determination, and to develop the courage to overcome difficulties. All of this enhances our students’ self-confidence.


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