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Welcome to New Oriental Academy, an international bilingual school that was created The school was established in 2010 and caters to students from elementary school through high school. Official IPC, AP, IBMYP and IBDP courses are offered.

We are ideally positioned to reap the best for our students from a blend of traditional Chinese education and Western curriculums. Through our bilingual teaching, we are committed to bringing together eastern and western cultures to foster future global citizens.

At New Oriental Academy, students participate in Chinese and Western classroom studies, discussions, experiments and practical work with like-minded students They get to know and learn from Chinese and foreign teachers who have experience of living and studying overseas. School classes in art, music, and traditional culture alongside extracurricular activities will teach them to discover, experience and appreciate the beauty of life. Team and sports activities will teach about practice, dedication, teamwork and not giving up. New Oriental Academy guides its students to find their optimum paths in life, to be happy, to access their dream universities, to grow up eager to use their skills and talents with ease in an international world.

We welcome new students to visit us and to join our growing New Oriental Academy family. Know that the experience you will have here will open the doors to a new world for you and will lead you to look to the future with a new perspective.

For information on our application process, admissions details, curriculums, etc., please call our enquiry number:400-688-1000. Interested parties are also welcome to attend one of our Open Days or Admissions Briefings. Details may be found on our network and on WeChat.

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New Oriental Academy is an international school, a member of The New Oriental Education & Technology Group

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