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Academic Integrity

1. What is academic integrity?

Academic integrity is the adherence to a basic code of conduct of honesty and fairness in academic activities

In academics, students acquire knowledge and at the same time develop and share their own ideas and insights. At New Oriental Academy, academic integrity is stressed as critically important in exams, assignments, laboratory work, seminars, and practical reports. Proper citations and free expression are important, whether written or verbal, based on mutual respect and the avoidance of plagiarism

2. Violation of Academic Integrity
1. Plagiarism:

Plagiarism refers to stealing or modifying another person's work or speech, and claiming that it is original to oneself, partially or completely. Commonly, it is copying another person’s work, often written, or modifying it.
For example:

·      The use of presentations from the Internet, magazines, or other sources in your assignment without acknowledging the source; copying another students' work; submitting the same assignment in multiple courses without permission; copying someone else's papers or assignments or allowing others to copy your own papers or assignments; using unauthorized calculators or other ancillary tools during an exam;

·      It can also be taking materials from the library; submitting papers that a group has completed together as individual work, and so on.

2. Forgery and falsification :

the submission of forged documents given as proof or evidence. For example: making fake transcripts or school reports, tampering with transcripts or other school records, etc.; switching other people's work or exam submissions; submitting homework that has been completed in whole or in part by others, etc. The act of copying another person's work or, to some extent changing its form or content for one’s own use.


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