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New Oriental International Academy provides a safe, comfortable and efficient school bus transfer service for every teacher and student who needs it. In order to ensure that our service is in line with your expectations, all parents, students, and teachers are asked to carefully read the relevant policies and application processes surrounding school bus services, and to cooperate with the school Logistics Department in a timely manner to complete the relevant paperwork.

I. School Bus Policy

1.School bus pick-up time

All school buses operate according to a schedule, and parents should ensure that students arrive at school bus stops on time.

Specific stop points each term will depend upon the locations required by the student families and staff at that time. They will be issued 3 days before the school term start date on the school’s website.

2. Changes

If for some reason your child does not take the usual school bus ( drop off or pick up your child yourself or your child is sick), the parent must provide a written note to the child’s Homeroom Teacher who informs the bus monitor. It is strictly forbidden to change the stop point or take the regular school bus without written notice.

3. School Bus Application

Before the start of each semester, the school will adjust the school bus routes, and ask families to confirm bus pick-up locations in accordance with the rules. Families MUST provide address and pick up location details in the exact format requested and within the given deadlines.

4. Parents Taking the School Bus

Parents/guardians are not permitted to take the student school bus, unless there are special circumstances (e.g. student having issues getting used to riding the bus in the early days). Permission must be obtained from the Principal or the school bus supervisor

If permission is granted, parents can accompany their child on the school bus when there is an available seat, but once the reason for taking the school bus is no longer valid, they will not be allowed on board, and in any situation, they may not take the bus for more than one week.

 II. School Bus Code of Conduct

When travelling on the school bus, students must follow the instructions of the school bus monitor and driver and sit in their designated seat. Seat belts must be fastened, and students may not move around or change seats. Usually, younger students will be placed near the front, older students behind them.

While taking the school bus, it is strictly forbidden to put head, hands or feet outside of the vehicle, and it is forbidden to eat inside. Students should not be noisy, they should keep the vehicle clean and tidy, should not leave any litter and must never throw items out the windows. It is forbidden to carry dangerous items such as knives or flammable articles. The vehicles should be treated with respect, inside and out; care should be taken to avoid causing any damage to the vehicle.  

III. Failure to Comply

For any students who violate the rules of taking a school bus or who do not obey the staff, the monitor or driver, consequences will be as follows: -

Depending on the nature of the incident, one or more of the following measures will be taken

1.The Principal and appropriate departmental staff member will discuss the matter with the students and parents of the students

2.Students will be asked to apologize in writing to the school bus monitor or other relevant parties. The apology will stay in the student’s file

3. Students will be prohibited from taking the bus for a number of days. 

4.Students will be banned from taking the school bus    


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