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Health and Welfare

I. Overview

New Oriental Academy has a purpose-built on-campus Health Centre and a number of full time qualified and experienced medical staff.

The medical staff provide students with the following services: vaccinations, assisting junior students who need to take medication in school, maintaining a register of student allergy information, keeping health records, giving healthy eating advice. We organize yearly health checks for school students and provide detailed feedback to parents. Staff provide assistance with all types of special needs including hearing or visual impairments or requirements for special facilities such as crutches, wheelchairs etc. Families should feel free to contact them with any queries.

II. Special Tips

If a child is taking medication, it is preferable to give it at home. However, if your child must take medication at school, please follow these guidelines

All medications must be packed in containers labeled clearly with the child's full name, class, medication name and dosage, timings etc. Parents must personally hand over the medicine to the school doctor, inform the doctor how to use the medicine while in school, and fill out the relevant forms.

Students are not allowed to handle medication themselves: students are prohibited from bringing to school any medication regardless of whether they are prescription issued or over-the-counter drugs. Parents or guardians must bring the medication to the school's Health Center and remove all remaining medicines from the Health Centre in person after the end of the medication cycle. We will keep the medicine in a safe and suitable place and maintain accurate records.

At the end of the semester, the school will dispose of any unused medication in an appropriate manner.

Note that school doctors may not dispense medicine, including over-the-counter drugs, without the written instructions of a doctor.

III. Infectious Disease 

For the health of all teachers and students, please do not send unwell children to school. The control of infectious diseases depends on the cooperation of families. If your child has any symptoms of an illness that may infect other children, please report to the head teacher or notify the school doctor as soon as possible, and please follow the following rules:

1. Keep your child at home if he/she has a fever. After the fever has gone, wait 24 hours before returning your child to school

2. If your child is vomiting, they should stay at home for observation until you are sure your child has recovered.

3. In case of symptoms of infectious illnesses such as red eyes, pus, hand, foot and mouth, please inform the school doctor immediately. 

4. Septic laryngitis (streptococcal tonsillitis): If the child is suspected to have or has been diagnosed with strep throat, do not return to school for at least 24 hours after diagnosis and treatment has finished.

5.Head lice: Ensure that all eggs have gone before returning to school.

6.Chickenpox: Scabs must be dry for 8-10 days before returning to school.

Infectious diseases include hand, foot and mouth, mumps, whooping cough,chickenpox, septic laryngitis, impetigo, measles, head lice, scabies, ring worm, rose rash, pink eye, rubella, infectious mononucleosis, scarlet fever, etc.

IV. Student Medical Records

The school maintains medical records for each student, including illness and vaccination records, allergies, accidents and other health-related matters.

V. Out-of-School Medical Services

If a student feels unwell while in school, it will be up to the doctor to decide whether to contact the parent. In cases where your child needs off-campus medical care, the school doctor will first contact the parent or designated emergency contact. If parents or emergency contacts are unable to be present, or if the situation is urgent and they cannot be contacted, we will contact a nearby emergency hospital or call 120.

Please read the following rules carefully

1. If the body temperature reaches 37.5C / Fahrenheit 99.5 a student will be observed in the school Health Centre by the doctor.

2.If the body temperature exceeds 38.0C / Fahrenheit 100.4, we will inform parents to pick up their child from school.

3. If the body temperature exceeds 38.5C / Fahrenheit 101.3, the child should stay at home for the next day to be observed, to rest and recover, and reduce the risk of transmission to other students.

VI. Sick Leave Absenteeism

School doctors receive health information about students on sick leave every day. If a student's sick leave absence exceeds 2 days, the school doctor will contact parents for more information.

If you have any questions about your child's health, please feel free to contact the school doctor.


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