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Elementary School Curriculum

New Oriental Academy’s Elementary School curriculum integrates academic education, personal development and international learning. It fosters children's Chinese cultural literacy and international thinking by stimulating interest in learning through interdisciplinary activities. Students will become inquirers, will be adaptable, will be able to deal with ethical questions, will develop good communication skills and will always be respectful, cooperative and considerate.


The Chinese elements of our Elementary curriculum are traditional, combining elements of language, literature, art, history and culture. This reflects the organic fusion of Chinese characteristics and respects the key components of the Chinese curriculum system. We will follow the curriculum standards issued by the Chinese Ministry of Education but will integrate both Chinese and Western educational concepts and teaching methods. In particular, we will emphasize the horizontal and vertical links between disciplines and stimulate students ' interest and enthusiasm for reading and writing. We aim for students to have not only a solid knowledge of the subject, but also for them to develop their social, emotional and cultural literacy, have a sustained enthusiasm for learning, vivid imaginations, strong creative thinking and reasoning abilities and for them to become capable lifelong learners.  



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