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Exchange Programs

To help students have a global vision and better understand campus life in overseas universities, we often invite presidents of renowned universities at home and abroad and social celebrities to visit us, and share their experience of overseas study with our students.

American Middle School Exchange- Aveson Global Leadership Academy (AGLA)

On May 27, 2014, 12 middle students from Aveson Global Leadership Academy, California came to Beijing Changping New Oriental Foreign Languages School for a two-week exchange & visit. During the two weeks, they stayed with our students in classroom to learn such courses as Chemistry, English, and Physical Education. In addition, the school prepared separate courses for them including Tea Culture, Chinese Language, Calligraphy, and Chinese Martial Arts. After class, Chinese students and American students planted “good wish” trees together.

More importantly, 12 American students and our 12 students went to ChangpingNanqijia School to act as volunteer teachers. Before visiting China, the American students had raised more than 10,000 US dollars in charity donations towards the welfare of ChangpingNanqijia. Nanqijia School is mainly supported by our school: our teachers and student clubs have volunteered their services in this school for many times.


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