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Air Quality

1. Indoor Purification Equipment

To provide a safe and comfortable daily learning environment, an air purification system has been integrated into the design of every building. Typically, air purification filters are replaced two times per year in January and July. In addition, the air conditioning filter is cleaned every summer.

2. Air Purification Standards

Even on days of severe air pollution, NOA’s indoor air quality will always meet national standards. Daily testing monitors the air quality in all school buildings, including PM2.5 airborne particles.

3. Air Quality Response

In order to protect our staff and students and to ensure a healthy learning environment, NOA has formulated a strict and comprehensive air pollution response strategy. Specially appointed monitors keep up to date with current air quality standards in order to take timely action. Staff members are also instructed to monitor student well-being and to consult medical experts if any student is feeling unwell. Our school doctors regularly check students with asthma to ensure that they are cared for in the most timely and effective manner.






Normal daily activities



Any signs of student respiratory issues are reported to the school doctor.



Students avoid strenuous activity and stay indoors.

All outdoor activity is modified to avoid excessive intake of polluted air.

Any adverse respiratory reactions in students are monitored by staff. School doctor takes measures if appropriate.

Physical education classes are modified.



All activities are carried out indoors

All recess activities are transferred indoors

Any outdoor activities are postponed

Any adverse respiratory reactions in students are monitored by staff and reported to the school doctor if necessary.

4. School Closure

Should the Beijing government issue an air pollution "red warning” all schools in the area, including NOA, will be obliged to close temporarily. Parents will be notified in advance by text message or email.

The Beijing government’s air quality warning information is as follows (for reference).

Government Alert Levels and Actions




Blue Alert

One day of heavy pollution (continuously 200+) is predicted

Reduce outdoor activities in Elementary and Kindergarten departments/schools.

Yellow Alert

One day of severe pollution (continuously 300+) or three days of heavy pollution is/are predicted.

No Elementary and Kindergarten outdoor* activities, reduce MS and HS outdoor activities e.g. PE and sports.

Orange Alert

Three days of heavy and severe pollution are predicted.

No outdoor activities for any students.

Red Alert

Severe pollution predicted to continue for three days or more.

Schools close, online teaching activated.


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