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In line with its goal of healthy and happy growth for every student, after careful research and consideration, New Oriental Academy has chosen a catering company that has many years of experience in the operation of school catering services in China. The company works with many customers, has specialized facilities, sophisticated service levels and enjoys a good reputation in the industry.

I. Service Overview

New Oriental Academy works closely with its chosen catering company to provide students with safe, nutritious and tasty food options. The advice and guidance of a dietitian is followed to ensure that the needs of growing student bodies and minds are met in terms of a balanced diet including carbohydrates, protein, fiber, vitamins and fat content. A nutritionally balanced vegetarian service is also provided.  

In the lower grades, we offer rotating menus that mix and match both Chinese and Western dishes to satisfy nutritional requirements and we educate children in the flavors of international dining.  

Depending on the developmental and growth stage of the students, snacks including fruit and drinks are also offered.

The restaurant will run monthly festivals on different themes or flavors to help students learn more about eating cultures.

For students with special requirements e.g. allergies, religion, medical dietary requirements, special menus and dishes will be provided。

We do not use MSG or artificial colors and we limit the use of other artificial additives.

II. Dietary Advice

1.Dietary Planning: Families may check the monthly updated menu details on the school website in advance and plan ahead if they wish to monitor intake of certain foods or fat content. A good understanding of the nutritional values of food is useful for maintaining good health planning.

2.New Oriental Academy recommends that all students eat a healthy and filling breakfast each morning as this has been proven to promote a good mental state and energy levels that will last through the morning. Over-eating late in the day should be avoided.

3.We recommend that students are aware of their ideal daily food intake and enjoy a balanced diet. They should avoid eating too much fried or fatty food such as burgers, sausages, butter, mayonnaise, oil and desserts.  They should avoid excessive consumption of soft drinks, sports and energy drinks with high sugar content and juices. They should choose water, low-fat milk and 100% pure juice.

III. Menus for the Month


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